Brasa is in the business of feeding people.

About Us - Chicken

Brasa Chicken aims to be the ‘champion of chicken in China’ and is dedicated to providing freshly prepared Peruvian style rotisserie chicken with delicious sides and salads to locals and expatriates communities in Shanghai and across China. We look forward to build a reputation in the marketplace as the most delicious and fresh Rotisserie Chicken in China. Brasa Chicken will always conduct its business in style, with a smile, and at an economical price that will benefit our customers.
Brasa is gourmet, fast, great value for money comfort food, friendly and healthy.

Our Brasa chicken is specially marinated for 24 hours and cooked over a bed of hardwood charcoals for 1 hour turns out so amazingly good, you will not be disappointed.

Golden-brown and crisp on the outside yet tender and juicy on the inside, it is by far the most delicious chicken in the marketplace. It is served with unique green and red spicy dipping sauces which are refreshing and have a small bite.